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PRINGLES – When Frank fails to bring any decent snacks to the office party, Joe steps in.



Written and Directed by Jordan Allen & Luke Rocheleau (Side of Fries)
Produced by Brooke Dooley
Director of Photography Greg Ephraim
1st AD Keren Hantman
Edited by Jordan Allen
Visual Effects by Jordan Allen
1st AC Taylor Beumel
Gaffer Jason Norman
Sound by Ben Forman
Hair and Makeup by Sofia Carney
Producers Assistant Nina Ozier
PA Dan Ray
PA Ben Rood
Location Rep Aleen Bradley


Joe Hursley as “Joe”
Scott Allen as “Frank the Wookiee”
Billy Wagenseller as “Mini Dark Lord”
David Alan Graf as “The Boss”
Albert Minero as “Upset Employee”

Valerie Henderson
Rory Dunn
Kyle Pacek
Alyse Bradley
Michael McFadden
Louis Fasanaro
Edra Fiocca
Madison Huy
Alicia Cerna
Aleen Bradley
Robert Shields
Carter Trogden
Nathaniel Franco
Lucas Vazquez