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CRAMPSAWAY – When Crampy takes down yet another athlete, it’s clearly time for an intervention. A CrampsAWAY intervention.



Written and Directed by Luke Rocheleau & Jordan Allen (Side of Fries)
Produced by Brooke Dooley
Cinematography Luke Rocheleau
Animation Tony Celano
Editor Phil Bucci
Visual Effects by Jordan Allen
Production Sound Sebastian Heinrich
Post Sound Mixer Garrard Whatley
1st AC Ben Moen
Gaffer Steven Buehler
Key Grip William Preston
Swing Taylor Freeland
Makeup Monica Giselle
PA Wyatt Irmen
PA Emily Ralph

Special Thank you to The Salvation Army Hollywood Youth Center


Stan Knight as “Sports Commentator”
Alfred Rubin Thompson as “Phil”

Chris Little as “Lead Sprinter”
Samantha Miller as “Lead Tennis Player”
Freddie Eno as “Lead B-Ball Player”

Shaun Grant as “Sprinter #1”
Jawed El Berni as “Sprinter #2”
Rasheed Stephens as “B-Ball Player #1”
Matthew Campbell as “B-Ball Player #2”
William Jerry as “B-Ball Player #3”