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EASY EDDY¬†–¬†Justin Burbage saves a pasty stranger from the agony of inflatable and hard paddle boards.



Written and Directed by Luke Rocheleau & Jordan Allen (Side of Fries)
Produced by Brooke Dooley
Directory of Photography Bryce Lansing
Edited by Phil Bucci
Visual Effects by Jordan Allen and Brandon Toy
AC Adriel Gonzalez
Gaffer Erik Schneider
Swing Jesse Lee
Production Designer Natalia Brito
Prop Master Jocelyn Simone
Sound Ben Forman
Makeup/Hair Jojo Proud
Post Sound Mix Grant Meuers
Color Bryan Smaller
PA Adrienne Fermin
Stills Jeremy Bishop


Justin Burbage as “Host”
Cody as “Pasty Skinny Guy”
Kyle Pacek as “Tiny Shark”